Thursday, June 25, 2009

At the bus stop

I spent 3 long hours sitting in a graduation ceremony today... wow. I have a hard time sitting still for 3 minutes so it was brutal.

As boring as it was though - I stayed because it is an important milestone in the lives of the youth I work with and I wouldn't want to miss it. And even though they are suppose to be all grown up these kids still look around for their loved ones and are hoping someone will be there to take their picture and tell them their proud of them.

As I left there were still crowds of people snapping pictures of the graduates. Holding up their diplomas and the single stem roses that they were give with their friends and families. There were laughs and tears as this the realization that adulthood is now eminent. However as we drove away I spotted something that dug into my heart and made it ache. Down the road and across the street sat a girl all by herself at the bus stop. Diploma and rose in hand. She had on a beautiful dress, but she was alone. Our eyes met as I drove by and she communicated with me in that gaze. "The ceremony was not pointless to me" Her gaze said clearly. I didn't know her, but I sure wish I did.
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