Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting in tune

We met up and we roamed around for a bit ending up in the music store. We sat in with the guitars for a long time as we tried to play together. Finally as I was jamming I asked this guy what he thought of the lick. He said it was good. I turned one of the tuning posts and put one string out of tune. I kept playing and hour looked at me confused. So i did a palm mute and it covered up the ear splitting sound. He laughed. I then put another string out of tune and kept playing my riff. Then another. It sounded terrible. I then told him I had heard about some of recent his more destructive decisions I told him that when we let things get out of tune in our lives pretty soon what comes out sounds and looks terrible.

I didn't know what to expect as we sat their in silence. Then he looked up at me and said...thank you. He realized he needed some help and guidance to do the right thing and get his life back in tune.

Now the hard work begins as we both get in tune with Jesus and start to play music together. After all i don't do everything right myself but hopefully we can help each other through it.

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