Saturday, June 27, 2009

The paradox of prayer

I sometimes wonder why we pray, after all God already knows what's going on in these situations and knows how's to respond to better than me. Why would he need my suggestion. I try not to spend too Koch time thinking about this and pray because he tells me to.

A few days ago was one of those days that I couldn't get a kids name out of my head or out of my prayers. I wasn't sure what to pray. I just felt my heart breaking every time her name when through my thoughts. So my prayer was mostly her name along with the feelings.

That night I was putting two year old son to bed. I asked him who he wanted to pray for and the first word out of his mouth was the name of the kid I was thinking of. I asked him a second time. Sure enough, clear as day. I've never heard him say that name before and definitely during prayer time. So we prayed for the kid and I walked away realizing God definitely listens.
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