Wednesday, June 24, 2009

These shoes

Could you handle life in these shoes? Where would your life lead you if this is what you faced? Would you cling to faith? Or would you lose interest in God?

- Your parents are divorced and you have a choice between a parent that ignores you and another whom who have check for vital signs on when they OD.

- You've lost a dozen friends in death in the past year due to accidents, beatings due to lifestyle choices, suicides, and bizarre medical conditions.

- Your close friends drag you back into a hole that you just crawled out know they offer escape as well as friendship.

- You watch helplessly as your friends life falls apart on every front: family, work, health, church, pets, and in friendships

- You've been having difficulty feeling accepted anywhere. You've lost school and work and when turning to God for comfort a person at church tells you that you are being inappropriate in holding hands with your girlfriend during the service.

- You've heard from God before but now when you need him most he is silent. Now you can't remember why you followed him in the first place.

- You feel as if though hope is just the first step toward disappointment

Is God there?
Is God good?
Do I care?
(...and this is just a glimpse)
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