Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Uncle Rico

There are lots of tears being shed amongst the graduating class of 2009. More so than I've normally seen. Derian and I were speculating about this and we thought that they must be a close class. I realized something later. For many of these youth they are leaving more than just a place of seeing their close friends everyday. They are leaving the one constant thing in their lives. Every week I am blown away by stories youth tell me about the way their families operate. One girl lives with her dads ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend. Her mom is a prostitute somewhere on the streets of vancouver and her dad is an abusive alcoholic. Another young lady showed me a text message from her dad that called her a "little bitch". She is having to live with friends at the moment. A young man has stayed up countless nights to help get his mom to the hospital wondering if she'll live through the overdose. No, these kids are leaving more than school. They are leaving their families. The ones that have been there day in and day out for 13 years of their lives. Now in one fowl swoop its gone. Their lives are broken.

I think of Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite who lived in the delusion of his greatness as a high school football star "back in '82". I think what are these kids clinging to? How can we give them hope for the future?

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