Sunday, July 19, 2009

Its a blurrrr

I'm having trouble putting this past week into words. Unlike previous years there has been no slow down in the work. Goals I had for my week were simply not achieved. Oh well I never road about Jesus writing a fundraising manual or constructing bible college syllabi. What I read about him seems he was often moved with compassion which often threw off his schedule. That's what happened here.

Rather than share the details of my week let me share the emotions.

9am - anticipation (meeting with staff)
11am - apprehensive (headed to meeting with youth with train wrecks for lives right now)
1pm - defeat
4pm - amazement mixed with heaviness (meeting with friend/volunteer)
11pm - shocked and blessed (unexpected success in fundraising)

9am - rested
10am - camaraderie (good meeting with a friend/financial partner)
12pm - weighty (arriving to a meeting with a youth who had some rough travels the past few weeks in the friendship around her)
1pm - purposeful (same meeting)
2pm - encouraged to tears (same meeting)
3pm - hopeful
4pm - busy and hungry (no time to eat today - headed into another hang out time with youth)
6pm - spent

8am - responsible for others (meeting with past interns)
9am - shocked (at some light hearted yet deep spiritual maturity coming from some normally dark and depressed youth
10am - uncertainty (as to what to expect in a meeting with sometimes volatile person)
12pm - victory (I saw God move in this meeting)
1pm - thankful (meeting with my friend and fellow staff member Derian
2pm - shocked, overwhelmed, concerned, delighted, (meeting with a group of youth)
9pm - unprepared

8am - exhausted but disciplined (meeting with volunteer/friend)
10am - apologetic (disappointed a youth I wanted to see but couldn't fit into my day)
12pm - perplexed excited and unsure (meeting with youth)
6pm - uncertain (arriving at our first ever scheduled prayer meeting with a bunch of youth very uncertain about God at the moment.
9pm - encouraged, amazed, perplexed, forgiven, angry, hopeful, weary yet strong
2am - overworked (completing a few necessary admin tasks)

10am - drained (arriving at our team meeting)
11am - blessed
2pm - excited (interviewed and hired a new staff member)
4pm - annoyed (my days schedule was not working out as planed)
5pm - delighted (observing a youth bible study and seeing some amazing work of God in a young man)
7pm - encouraged and perplexed (discussing need for fundraising with a donor)
12am - incomplete (i didn't even accomplish a single thing on my urgent to do list for the week)

Make sense? No worries it doesn't to me either.

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