Monday, July 20, 2009


I had a phone call today from someone dealing with a death of a friend. It was good to sit down at starbucks and just talk about the dark reality of life and death. The talk expanded on many things and I was encouraged yet sad.

I had a phone call today from someone who is facing a change in life circumstances. Its a good change, but yet it is filled with uncertainty. I am walking with her in the joyous time of preparing for her wedding, which I will be officiating in August.

These were not youth, but they my partners in this crazy work God has called me to. They are my friends who help me keep balance in the world of youth drama. They are my financiers that keep me available to youth in this community. They are very much a part of my ministry and I am thankful to have them. It would be a lonely world and a lonely work without them. Fundraising is hard, but it forces me to spread the trials along with the terrific stories of what God is doing. I couldn't do it without them,
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