Thursday, July 2, 2009


I love getting the opportunity to get the youth perspective on things. Yesterday I was included in a random facebook quiz and I got to read some interesting stuff that made me reflect about myself as a youth worker. I thought I'd share. With my comments:

Person # 2 is the last person to write on your wall: Danny
(I try to take time to look through what is happening on facebook as it gives me a glimpse into the lives of the youth that I work with. You can see mood changes, events, happenings in their lives. It is a good place to start with many youth. I'm active on facebook primarily to connect with youth. If I was the last one to write on his wall it would have been pretty current)

1) How did you meet this person? I don't really know it just kinda happen
(This cracks me up...It speaks to the way we just start to intersect into the lives of youth. At first they may not even realize were there, but all of a sudden we are a part of their life. Awesome)

2) What was your first impression of this person? whats with the old guy who acts like a kid, neerd
(Kids sniff out for authenticity and we youth workers are looked at as adults at first and are shoved into the adult box, but we are trying to intercede between the world of adults and youth and quite frankly are really bad actors - we actually are as immature as we behave ;))

3) What is the relationship between you and this person currently? long lost brother
(It's true - some kids we bond with and perhaps it is because we see so much of ourselves in them, sometimes the good side of us, sometimes our weakness'. It takes a lot of time to invest in kids at this level. this one really encourages me.)

4) Have you ever cooked for this person? no funny story though, he made me bacon one time
(shared expereinces are the best memories makers. Having fun together is one of the ways we build relationships.)

5) What do you dislike about this person? we don't chill enough
(I wish I had more time to hang out with the youth and I already do so for 40 hours a week. Thanks to all my finacial partners who help me get my hands in there.)
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