Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reality Check

This ad caught my eye today. Probably because I've had a lot of conversations with kids lately who really have had enough of reality. I've heard enough stories from youth over the years to not be surprised by what I'm told but my heart still breaks and so do my answers. So tonight my team and I scheduled a prayer night with the youth. Not something we've ever done before with these kids. You probably wouldn't have recognized it as such. It was mostly silent and we invited them to place in the middle that which they were offering up to God what they couldn't handle in their lives this summer. Here is a list if the things thrown in the grass in the muddle of our circle tonight:

Hair tie - represents me trying to hold my life together but I can't

Sunglasses - dealing with others issues but hiding my own

Old shoes - putting off the old ways and ready to set down a new path

3 leaf clover - My bad luck

Heart ear ring - all the heartache at home

Ipod - songs that represent all the emotions I'm going through right now

Cell phone - distraction from the things I really want to focus on in my life

Ripped paper - all the uncertainty in my life right now

Sunglasses - all the stuff I am hiding in my life

Water bottle - getting rid of the garbage so hopefully I can be happy fir once

page of notebook paper - this paper separated from its binding represents all the separation in my life right now

Wallet - empty, nothing left

Some one else's shades - being selfish and only looking at things through my own eyes.

My Cell phone - the bearer of bad news in the lives if my friends. I wish all the problems could just go away. They have had too much of reality. God accept these offerings. Bring your peace into their lives.

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