Thursday, July 16, 2009


Reason #1
"ok you win. I need someone to talk to."

All along she's been very vocal about not trusting us as youth workers. Especially because of our emphasis on God. She's been burned by Christians before. Its legit. She even told me once that every time I talk about God a little piece inside her dies. So when I got this text message I about fell off my chair. Today I got the opportunity to share God with her in some real ways.

Reason #2

Youth: "guess what man god loves you"
Me: Are you feeling alright?
Youth: ya man why do you ask?
Me: just not used to you telling me God loves me
Youth: But its true man he loves me and your in my life as a friend and mentor so he also loves you cause god can be funny :)
Me: that's true.

This surprised me because at one points the conversation has gone more like this:

Me: hey want to go to church tomorrow
Youth: f*** no

God is moving. I'm convinced. And surprised.

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