Monday, July 13, 2009

Today in Starbucks

In Moses' day God met him in the wilderness through a burning bush. In my day he seems to show up at Starbucks.

Today while sitting in starbucks I met with God and got to home him a little better. He has been showing me some stuff that he wants to work on in my life. It is a good reminder that while I push youth to look how God is active in their lives to see how he is active in mine as well.

Today while sitting in starbucks I met with a young man who told me that he never has had a chance to be a kid. That the complex issues he has dealt with have forced him to leave his childhood prematurely.

Today while sitting in starbucks a young lady shared her tears over the fact that families dont work. And that God doesn't seem to fit into life any more.

Today while sitting in starbucks I had a chance just to have some fun with some youth who just needed a few moments of fresh air in the midst of trials. We passed around a notebook and wrote a jibberish story together.

Today while in starbucks I bought 3 coffees, a jones soda, a breakfast sandwich, a fruit cup, a yougurt and granola, a muffin, and a cookie for youth that needed some nurishment.

Today while sitting in starbucks I got to see my team as we shared battle stories from the past few weeks. The crisis that our youth friends have been facing has been intense.

Today while at starbucks I listen to how God has caught a young man's heart to be used by God when only a few months ago he questioned if was any use to God at all.

Today while sitting in starbucks my phone kept chiming away at the text message from youth that wanted to share a coffee. I wonder what will happen tomorrow
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