Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who is to blame?

When life is falling apart who is to blame? When your parents are getting divorced and you are stuck in the middle where do you point the finger? When you see pictures of them on their wedding day looking so happy and in love, but you see them now, who do you find at fault?

When life has been unfair who is to blame? When you have been abused emotionally, physically, or spiritually you ask yourself why. What could you have done that's wrong? When you think back over tose circumstances and wonder what you could have done right to have made it stop?

When life has been disappointing? You have tried to turn the corner; to do the right thing, yet the thing have only gotten worse then why try?

When you cant fix what is wrong who else can you blame... You blame yourself.

Someone comes along and says... It's not your fault...but you don't believe them.
Someone comes along and says...God loves you...but you say yeah right
Someone comes along and says...Don't give up...but you feel like you've already lost.

Then you blame God.

I saw this happen today...and its not the first time...it sucks to see. I wish I could make it all right. I wish I could show them that God is a different kind of parent. I wish I could help them realize the truth in the statement that "it's not their fault." I believe that truth could set them free.
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