Friday, August 21, 2009

balancing act

This week has me focused more on my youth work team than on youth themselves. As we have been going through the process of yearly evaluations i have heard myself say the same thing multiple times. Balance.

We have a difficult job to turn off. We can't regulate when youth need help after all. We have a difficult not getting absorbed by our jobs. We have blurred the lines between what is life and what is work. There are many blessings with that and many difficulties as well.

For my team and for myself, as well as any other professional youth worker out there we need to learn balance. Lack of balance leads good people with good intentions so deep in the flames of youth work that the burnout and melt away. I've seen it happen all to often. Lack of balance makes us ill equipped to actually be of much help to these youth. Lack of balance makes us place our families on the alters of self-righteous justifications.

We need three things
Balance with God
Balance with family
Balance with self

Without proper balance we run the risk of everything crashing down. Everything else falls into place with these as priorities. So ill say it again: balance.
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