Friday, August 14, 2009

Cast into the cup

Many times our team finds ourselves wanting to pray but feeling severely lacking in words to say. Today we started to pray but quickly we were hit with the heaviness of what we find the youth were working with going through. Then we had silence. That ia not necessarily a bad thing but this didn't feel like a reverent silence more like a silence of being stuck.

That's when Derian pulled out his notebook and started tearing off little pieces of paper. On each paper he wrote a name, a community, or a concern. He then grabbed an empty starbucks cup and said "here is the alter".

We would take turns picking up these papers and throwing them in the cup as our means of laying rhe people and petitions before God. Sometimes we would say a few words, sometimes not, but we knew God could hear our hearts.

I kept thinking of the bowl of incense that is talked about in revelation being the prayers of Gods people. A pleasing aroma to God. Smell of course is so linked with memory. Its a picture of how God remembers our prayer. Its beautiful. Today we put these prayers in a coffee cup and I ask you when you smell coffee remember us and these youth..

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