Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Commitment and Respect

I had a chance to see some very close friends of mine tonight that i met in elementary school. It was good to chat over life. It was good to be with people who know me so well. Even though we hardly see one another these days. It doesn't take much to connect in deep. I love those guys. We have had our troubles but we are all committed to each other.

That's missing in so many young people. They have friends but it seems such an on again off again type of relationship. It isn't safe. It isn't commitment.

My friends love me by respecting me. By cutting through my crap and reminding me of who I really am, then walk with me through re-assembling my life.

Many youth today are never shown respect. At home. At work. In the community. With friends. Respect is something that I can give them as my friends have done for me.

Danny Ferguson
Langley Area Director
Greater Vancouver YFC / Youth Unlimited

I love being married to April

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