Thursday, August 27, 2009

Helpless Feeling

"'s killing me over and over."

"...I'm hurting myself and I haven't seen a lot of reasons to stop it."

"Grandpa? I miss you."

"waiting on a cure for this life"

"I hate living with these people. **** this I want my own house."

These were some of the statements I read tonight as I perused the world of facebook. These were the things on the mind of some of the youth. I don't know about you but my heart breaks with compassion but I feel so helpless to make a difference. I know I can't be there for all of them every waking moment, but I wish I could be. Of course God can be, but some don't allow him, others ignore him, some curse him, and some blame him. He could heal them and help them, hold them and hold them more. It's hard to trust him to do it. I just wish i could fix them. Luckily he doesn't want to fix them as much as just know them.

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