Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It`s all linked

"Ok so what you need to do first is position the club then arrange your body around it. Knees bent, head down and as you swing transfer your body weight from your back foot to your front. Now try it."

He swung. And smiled. The golf ball sailed through the sky and landed about 150 yards down the driving range. He had never been able to hit the ball like that before.

"i always thought golf was so stupid," he said, "but when someone teaches you how to do it, it is actually a lot of fun."

He is one that needs to have more fun. That's for sure. I see to much pain, suffering, anger, heart ache, doubt, rage, hatred, emptiness and loss in his eyes. Today I saw life. He swung again and missed the ball. "Keep your head down and knees bent" i repeated. He smashed the ball again. He laughed. I explained to him that I am by no means a good golfer. I am too pressed for time and money to go often. Golf is weird. Everything is so interconnected. Grip the club wrong the ball flies right. Stand wrong the ball sails left. Etc etc etc.

Then again so is life. For this young man, having me teach him how to swing a golf club well enough so it doesn't dribble ten feet in front of him made him feel value in himself. We as people are a combination of physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual beings all rolled into one package. If you grip your emotions wrong you fly right, if you a wrong stance intellectually you curve left. It is so hard to hit that straight and narrow fairway of life.

Believe me its all connected. On the way home in the car he says: "i think its time I got baptized." crazy.

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