Saturday, August 8, 2009

An Ode

If you could describe what I saw in that girl
In terms of the forecast of weather
You would have seen a dark blackened swirl
indicating things were not better

If could could have seen in her eyes
the rain that had fallen that day
You would have seen there was no disguise
have could hold her emotions at bay

If you could have seen her walk on the street
As my wife April and I did
You would have seen tired feet
she truly was one sad kid

If you could have invited her in as we did
In hopes that she would eat
You would have wanted the frown rid
as she took her seat

There really are no words to really describe what we saw.
But as she sat there with our Avery in her arms a glimmer of life returned to her eye. She didn't eat and soon went on her way. Tired, confused and lost. I just hope that for the few moments she came in with April and I it was enough for her to know she is worth a lot in God's eyes.
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