Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Scared to ride

I remember the day she called to tell me she had fallen from her horse. Short of breath, scared and in pain from broken ribs. That was months ago and the broken bones have healed, but little did I know her confidence to ride has not. That came as a surprise as her riding time was almost a sacred time. A way to experience some healing in her life of stress. When she rides now and she feels any unexpected bump or movement she jumps and rolls before the horse can buck her. She said its a problem that she will need special lessons for to intervene.

I thought about that some and i realized that her story fits so well with our relationship with God. When something catches us off guard and were thrown off and hurt its hard to trust him to carry us any longer. Every time we feel a slight change in course we jump away before we get hurt but of course in that we are never able to enjoy the ride and experience the speed and power of running faster than we are able to on our own strength. We are not able to truly trust him and not because of anything he has done but because we are scared of how we might fail. It seems easier not to even try.

My hope is she will ride and jump and live again.
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