Thursday, August 6, 2009

Silent Assistance

The only thing she said was "This is suppose to be the time of my life, but it is turning out to be a S*** hole." Then silence.

I grabbed some paper and wrote at the top, "My thoughts..." and handed the paper over to her. She began to write out the things occupying her mind. In the end there was a formative list of people and things that are happening in her life at the moment. She said she didn't realize there was so much.

I took the paper and wrote out "I wish..." Watching her pen flow over the paper and constructing sentence fragments stirred up emotion of the injustice of everything that is happening to her right now.

Sensing her pain I grabbed the paper and wrote the beginning of the questions I knew she needed to release, "Why..." Without hesitation she began spill herself onto the page. These words were more than a list, more than thoughts. These were prayers, confessions, hopes, fears, and screams.

Taking another page I wrote one last thing, "Dear Mom and Dad,". She looked up at me with eyes that said "I can't". I tapped the page in a attempt to say, "It may feel like you can't but you must." She took the pen and began to write, holding back tears. conveying her hurts, her anger, her questions, her opinion, her attitude, and her desperate attempts at hope. She signed it and said:

"Thanks Danny - you really helped me." but really I just gave her a chance to hear her own voice.
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