Friday, September 25, 2009

Brick Wall

Every Friday morning our team gives out hot chocolate for the local students. Today when I showed up I heard my name being shouted and I saw one youth barreling there way toward me. They didn't slow as they approached and hit me with a thud of a hug. Another one of these kids picked me up and spun me. Then there were a string of high fives and "what's ups?"

A bit later I got message from the first youth, the one that tried to bowl me over that said. "running into you felt like running into a brick wall." I proceeded to joke about wearing a brick suit but they came back with something that turned the joking into a cool moment as they responded by telling me that in their life right now everything is so shaky but running me helped them remember that they are supported.

I'm nothing special but my team and I really strive to be there for people as strong walls when they are hurting. If we're walls than the foundation we're standing on must be God because I know myself well enough never to take credit for being as tough as a brick wall.

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