Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Faulty Foundation

I recently went through through the process of buying a house.  As part of this we had a building inspector come through.  Basically we pay him to bring us a dose of reality to the house that looks so perfect.  He told us about all the things that were wrong.  The water shut off, the deck, the seal around the tub, the roof, the hot water heater, etc. etc. etc.

There was nothing that was a deal breaker, but some stuff that will cost extra as we move in as well as repairs that will need to be done.  I hired him because I wouldn't know what to look for.  Today was like that as I sat and listened to the story of a young person that told me example after example of how the things that should be most secure in her life were actually the most shaky.  It is like have cracks in the foundation.  Life leans and teeters and wobbles and this young person felt as though everything was on the verge of falling down.

How do you go about putting a life back together in that state.  Sometimes I hear stories where you have given up even trying.  Like I did this in this past week.  When things are faulty they need to be replaced before a crises sends you into a state of panic.  The duct tape solution wont held things up forever.  It needs a stronger change.
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