Thursday, September 10, 2009

Portable youth worker

I remember when i was in high school getting a hold of people was hard work. Cell phones were rare and no young people had them. Email was sparse and rarely used. When i needed someone to talk to i had to call and wait until they were home to get an answer.

Today is a different world. Today i was out of the area for meetings bit still had multiple conversations with youth. That is:

Talked with a youth who was having a bad day starting college and helped them get through the morning.

Was asked if I could be a reference as one young person was filling out an application

Texted with one my young friends about the frustrations of being back in highschool.

Was told I was missed (I usually avoid the schools for the first week).

That's just a sample. Its great to be with them wherever they go. I wish i could have had portable youth worker when I was growing up. It could have kept me from some of the mistakes I made.
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