Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's good to be got

I'm no genious.  In fact I'm far from it.

I have felt like I have had nothiing to offer this week.  I'm tired.  So tired that the starbucks barista told me I needed an extra shot of esspresso in my drink this morning just by looking at me. I'm edgy.  I dont have my normal patience or resolve.  This was evidenced by how I snapped at the customer service counter over a $10 mischarge.  I'm not impressed with myself.  Quite the opposite really.

Yet is this week I have heard from several youth that they find that:

I understand
I am someone they look up to
I am helpful when I say nothing

When people see that level of good when I'm at my worst I am reminded that nothing good comes out of me unless it is from God.  It also helps me to understand where these kids are at and how they want to be treated.  Today I went to the school and sat in the hallway with a group of youth and I hardley said three words the whole time.  Then I sat in starbucks and had a youth share all of her trials and stresses with me and I barely said a thing in return.  Yet she continued....happy to have someone finally listen.

So I may be disappointed in myself but I am impressed with God. 
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