Monday, October 5, 2009


I'm not sure how to describe today.  It was a fine day.  Sunny.  Warm for October.  But there was something in the air that just made my heart bleed.  Like this picture says Today was something that didnt arise - it was thrown up.

I had a young person reveal the details around their mothers death.  They tell few people because they get cliche answers all the time.

I had someone point me in the direction of a teen that had a bad weekend.  The sort where the details make you sick to think about.  This kid deserves more.  I wish the pain could just go awy for them.  When I asked what I could do - they looked at the frapichino I bought for them and said with a smile:  You can buy me starbucks.

I had a young friend describe the possition they are in between past hurts and doing whats right.  Their solution?  Crawl under a rock.

In the midst of family troubles and dealing with past hurts this kid in the 11th grade realized today that life is out of control.  If they try to fix things they dont work out if they do nothing they feel like they dont care.

Whats up with today?
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