Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Left - Left
Left - Right - Left

God specifically brought this picture to mind after I read the end of Galatians 5 where it mentions to stay in step with the Spirit.  It was a good reminder of my past when I was in a military drill team.  Keeping cadence - rhythm - is important to teamwork.  Being able to trust each other in the mundane task of walking means that you can trust each other in battle.  God left the simple word "step" in my head to help me refocus on him.

Later that day I was talking with a young lady who felt stuck in her life.  Her paralysis was a spiritual blockage that influenced the physical.  She simply could not move.  As we prayed together she was even unable to formulate words.  I offered to prayer with her and as we prayed she encountered a vision in which while she was walking along a beach toward Jesus that her feet were unable to move.  After a great deal of time she hadn't moved until God reminded me of the word "step".  I told her not to worry about the distance that needed to be traveled, but only to concentrate on the first baby step.  Even if it was just an inch at a time.  Then I "left". "Right". "Left". "Right" "Left" Right.

She started to move - she started to speak and soon she was running...Right into the arms of Jesus.

Step by Step
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