Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Monday I was in the midst of studying for the class I teach and I had my phone on silent.  When I picked it up in the afternoon I had so many missed calls from one young guy that I wondered what sort of crisis awaited me when I returned the call.  Things haven't been the greatest for him lately and we have had quite a few intense conversations about life, family, relationships, church and God.

I called his house and he immediately said,

"Danny I need your help.... Do you know how to make a resume?"

Goes to show how youth work is something different every day.  Yesterday may have been crises intervention - today it is employment counseling.  When you become a person of trust in the lives of youth you can not define success by those who instantaneously change, but by the ways in which you see small steps of growth.  In this case asking for help in a resume was a crisis to this young man because he had never asked for help in this area before.  I'm glad I could be there for him in this way as much as in the others.

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