Monday, December 7, 2009

Youth Work Economics

I really have no interest in the stock market. The stress and emotions that are carried just by walking down "the street". I have more stuff to worry about let alone add in a major melt down when my life savings are cut in half over a .123568882315% drop in the graph.

But as I was reflecting over the past week I could think of no better picture as to what is happening in the youth work here in Langley. For example:

The CVV experienced a major drop when the she experience a lower production in grades than was expected for the quarter. This has caused a series of undesirable cutbacks in an already hostile environment. Combined with an addition of a new partner within the family dynamics the stability of this stock is in grave question. The spokeswoman for the company gave the impression that she didn't care anything about the continued longevity of the stock.

In other news the KTD has shown fluctuations as of late sometimes experiencing great peaks and valleys in the same day. The very foundations of the company appear to be in jeopardy and there are rumors that the family may split leaving employees with an impossible task of choosing the path of their future.

In a surprising turn of events the MGP took a huge drop after a series of unfortunate misunderstanding between investors and the company. Communications have been difficult and concerns are rising to the companies future.

ok. Ill stop. The point is that many people refer to the work I do as an investment. Investments fluctuate. There is risk. but the greatest risks hold the greatest payoff in the end. You just have to commit to them long term. Want to invest with me?

Danny Ferguson
Langley Area Director
Greater Vancouver YFC / Youth Unlimited

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