Monday, January 11, 2010

Define: "Life"

Have you seen the movie Walle? Seeing as I have a two-year-old in my house means that I have seen it approximately 4000 times. The show creatively moves story and character development on very well without limited use of dialogue. Walle is a robot stranded on earth after humanity has fled due to pollution. He goes through many adventures and eventually ends up on a spaceship with humans that have become lazy and lethargic in their space travels. Their every need provided for by robots. When encountered with the possibility of returning to earth after a 700 year absence they find they know nothing about the planet called home. In typical scifi fashion there is an epic struggle between the robots and humanity. The robots want to protect their human charges from the potential risks of earth but the humans want to return. In a battle between the captain and the auto pilot personified as the shops wheel the ship’s captain screams, “I don’t want to survive, I want to live!”

The people on the ship didn’t really know what life was all about. They asked the computer to define the things that we experience everyday. They would ask the computer to define it for them: “define: ocean; define: dancing; define; farm”. They were so separated from earth that they no longer knew what it meant to live. I wondered though what does it meant to define life. Can you do it?

I tried. I got a few things.

Life =
Friendship with God

What would you do if you were missing one of those? Five? Or like the youth I met who may only have had one or two in total. Thing is – once they are missing, stolen, destroyed or never existent how can they be regained?
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