Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Signs of our weaknesses

I was at the Vancouver International Motorcycle Show a couple weekends ago. Growing up I was never really into bikes. That may have something to do with my dad forbidding me to have anything to do with them. However I have found a beauty in the craft of motorcycle engineering and even the culture surrounding these two wheeled machines. I actually keep a motorcycle ad up in my office that proclaims "life is about the journey not the destination" that reminds me so much of my life with God. I am excited about the final destination but I don't want to arrive there too quickly. It also helps me remember that the good news that God has sent me to proclaim to people is not about a divine life insurance plan of getting into heaven when they die, but about living out the kingdom of heaven in our day to day lives. We as Christians don't always communicate that clearly. We have good intentions in our efforts of talking with people about God but it isn't always received in a way that allows others to see the good part of the news we call good news.

That was highlighted again for me when I found this helmet sticker there amongst the displays at the bike show. In case you can't see the picture that I attached to this post it reads, "born ok the first time". Which of course is a response to a phrase along the lines of "you must be born again". Now Jesus is the one that said that phrase recorded for is in John chapter three of the new testament so we can try to justify out own use of the phrase in the conversations we have with people. In the original context Jesus is responding to a religious leader inquiries of how to join his understanding of God and religion with Jesus' habits and attitudes. He recognized Jesus as being from God but didn't agree with how Jesus was living out his life. Jesus basically told him that he would never understand unless he would leave the safety of his paradigm and way of life. philosophically being reborn into something completely new. this religious leader sees this as impossible as climbing back into his motors womb as an adult. A visual that is neither pleasant nor to be taken literal. This leader basically felt the same way as the person who would purchase this sticker and put it on their helmet. I can't do that.

So the issue here is that while Jesus was speaking in a very specific way to an individual we have put in very non specific ways to the masses. we almost oppress others into listening to our reasoning about rebirth when Jesus himself said that reasoning couldn't be made until the rebirth process had already happen. I know you can't reason a baby to be born it just has to happen in its time.

So I'm not about forcing decisions upon people but rather waiting upon God and waiting for signs of labor. After all if birth happens too early in the pregnancy the child will not live. Let's stop worrying about the destination and really enjoy the journey.
Danny Ferguson
Langley Area Director
Greater Vancouver YFC / Youth Unlimited

I love being married to April

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