Thursday, February 18, 2010

Youth Unlimited Olympics Spectacular

We are in Langley only a few miles away from the world stage of Vancouver during the 2010 games.  We thought that we would take the opportunity to host an olympic themed night with our group of youth.  Our numbers were a bit low, but how can you compete with the free olyimpc concerts featuring Our Lady Peace?

For those that came though we had an overly chessy and fun night.  I of course took the opportunity to represent my home land by dressing in red, white and blue (as well as dominating in the competitions as is the American way).

Among all the games and competitions that we had my favorite part took place as we held a medal ceremony for our youth.  However instead of awarding their athletic achievements we took a look into their characters and gave them each a word to represent what we saw.  For some it was growth, endurance, courage, or commitment. And they may have only been the bottoms of styrofoam cups tied with a string, but the words were golden.

It was a great excuse to use the olympic mayhem around Vancouver to encourage our "kids" in a very public way.  I love them all.
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