Monday, March 22, 2010

An encouraging chat with a young person.

I often get young people chatting with me on my cell phone.  Some of these message are disheartening others are encouraging.  This particular weekend I had both from the same person.  I wanted to share the chat with you.  I've changed some of the names and details but the gist is still the same and it show how sometimes that prayer is the most effective youth work tool of all.

Danny  , Jesse

Saturday Morning
Jesse:         What wrong with me
Danny  :       Rough night?
Jesse:         Ya and rough morning
Danny  :       Sorry Jesse. What happened?
Jesse:         I hate what I am
Danny  :       Don't say such things about my friend.
Jesse:         I just need to fall apart I don't wanna have to be me
Danny  :       I have bad days too Jesse.
Jesse:         Ugh I wana just escape and cry
Danny  :       I think that's a better alternative

Sunday Morning
Jesse:         God just did the most amazing thing to me this morning like I
               just need to share it to you dude cause it’s so amazing
Danny  :       Ok
Jesse:         God appeared to me while I was driving and so I asked him why
things are hurting so much and he said he was sorry it hurt but he had to use it bring me closer to him      He also told me that he's so proud and that he loves me so much he's never letting go and the light in my car was so bright it was like day time :)
Danny  :       That is amazing!
Jesse:         God also told me tell all the youth workers that he's so proud
of you all and he just loves you guys so much and you guys are so amazing and just very special and loves doing his work through you guys :)
Danny  :       Wow. That's really cool.

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