Friday, March 12, 2010

School cancels prom. WWJD?

Prom.  An event perceived by many young people as the most important event of their lives.  It is a night that is more about pranks, drinking and sexuality than it is about the dancing.  Evidenced in the recent news that a school in Mississippi canceled the school prom on April 2 reportedly to prevent a young girl who identifies herself as a homosexual from showing up with her same sex date. 

Now everybody is upset and the event is moving into the courts.  What a mess. 

I not only recognize the tension but I can feel it.  It is the place that I live everyday.  The traditional side of our culture balks at the idea of such a clear violation of morality while the emerging idealists are attempting to force a place of acceptance in society.  This is not a new battle.  It has been happening for years.  It happens on TV when Focus on the Family produces a superbowl ad about celebrating family and celebrating life.  It happens when the gay pride parades participants march down the streets of cities around North America.

The problem is that everyone thinks that their way of doing things is the right way.  I think that it is referred to as Narcissism. Everyone looking to themselves more highly than anyone else.  With that mindset we are only comfortable with those that look and think exactly like us.  We are selfish beings. It doesn't really matter what side of the debate we're on.  We are all wrong.

I think that if Jesus were here that some hyper religious person may have given him this situation as a means of testing him.  What would he do?  I can't put words into the mouth of God, but if I were to venture a guess I bet that it wouldn't be what we expected.  He would probably tell a story that everyone would hear but few would understand.  It would be enough to unarm all parties and see the judgementalism towards each other stop.  Then some would look at him amazed and other would probably seek to kill him.  Thats what being a revolutionary is all about.

 Isn't it?
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