Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What teens would do to change the world.

Around the table of my home last Thursday night I asked the question to the group of youth that were gathered there for dinner: What would you do to change the world?

I realized that to ask such a question is to invite ridicule along the lines of "Make the world a better place, punch Danny in the face." So I said they were allowed one goof answer and one serious one.  Here is the list of things that they said.

-I would do something about polution
-I would fill cars with beans
-I would extend the skytrain around the world
-I would figure out how to feed the world
-I would want whirlled peas (or was that world peace?)
-I would get people to be better at recycling
-I would get rid of Josh (Josh was giving sarcastic comments at the time - the group decided that putting him on the skytrain trip around the world would sub vice.)
-I would love everyone that crossed my path
-I would give everyone pogo sticks
-I would disband the illuminaty
-I would "pay it forward"
-I would rid the world of guns and artillary
-I would make great tasting no calorie food
-I would make sure there was electricity accessible everywhere
-I would get rid of cell phones so that people would have more face-to-face contact again
-I would work at clothing the world (by working at Value Village in particular)
-I would become a cross between spiderman and boba fett
-I would encourage people to be more random and unordinary
-I would always smile
-I would find a way to rid the world of HIV/AIDS
-I would get rid of ignorance
-I would build a city under the ocean
-I would make sure everyone had a job
-I would ensure everyone would have shelter
-I would make it easier to travel
-I would give everyone superpowers
-I would rid the world of hate, disgust, and anger
-I would make the skytrain free to use
-I would change people's attitudes to take things lighter and have more fun
-I would have everyone wear cups on their ears
-I would have the world laugh at least three times a day (even if it was a fake laugh)
-I would have the freedom not to answer questions when I don't have anything to say.

What do you think?  How would you change the world?  How can we make some of these changes into realities?
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