Monday, March 8, 2010

Youth Worker Resource Guide

I recently read an article on teen suicide that I found to be a good resource.  I started thinking more about my blog and what I would like to to be.  As a youth worker I often get frustrated by the lack of resources that there are available.  It seems that most youth workers fly off the seat of their pants so to speak.  There are some sites that resource parents of teens.  Those that may be of interest to youth pastors working in a church setting, but for those of us that are knee deep in the mud of the modern youth culture there really isn't much.  I felt as though I could use this blog to help equip those that are interested in developing themselves as better youth workers but listing resources that can be used to better educate and train themselves for what they may encounter in the field.

The primary way that I give out this info is via twitter so if you don't follow me already please do so now.  You can find me at

I will also be posting more articles on this blog that I think are relevant.  There are a lot of things out there that can help me do my job better.  If better youth workers can help save the lives of more youth than why wouldn't I share it.

I have asked for people's reactions and opinions before and had no response.  But I would love to know if this would be something you as a reader are interested in.  Please comment and let me know.
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