Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day in the life of a youthworker

This is a snapshot of a normal day for me as a youth worker.

8:00am Meeting with accountability partner to make sure my life is together before I try to help kids.

8:30am Studying the concept of active pacifism and just war with a couple of guys

9:30am Spending some time reading my bible and writing in my journal.  God challenges me about trusting him instead of trusting my own understanding of things.  Challenging when it comes to the just war stuff.

10:00am Mentally and Spiritually preparing myself to meet with a young person who doesn't expereince a whole lot of life in their life

10:15am Sharing a coffee and a crossword puzzle with a young person while they educate me on what they are learning in school.

10:30am I asked a teen to describe something they were happy about right now.  After a five minute silence I changed the topic as they were getting visually upset.

11:15am Mail a reference form for a volunteer applying to join our staff team.

11:30am Walk with a teen in the rain as they question me about life and God and such. 

11:55am Look a young person in the eyes and tell them someone cares about them.  Wondering when the last time any adult has told them that much.

12:00pm Sit in my car and pray

12:15pm Go home for lunch and hug my kids.  The stuff I've listened to today reminds me how much my kids need to hear they are loved no matter what.

12:45pm I talk with a youth and the challenge I got in my bible study about trust are the exact things this kid needs to hear.  I thank God he is still teaching me.

1:00pm Set up the Wii that was just donated by a local church for my work with youth.

1:30pm Get an email on my Blackberry that my 3pm meeting is canceled.  I figure I can work on my next newsletter for my donors

1:31pm Get a text from a donor asking if I can meet with them at 3pm.

2:00pm Spend some time praying for a situation that is going on with one student that I know

3:00pm Sitting starbucks for the third time of the day listening to a story that brings tears to my eyes. I dislike injustice.

3:30pm With my one of my fundrasing partners catching up on life and thanking them for their support of my work.

4:00pm Texting four different youth at the same time about four different topics happening in their life.

5:00pm Heading home trying to figure out how to let go of the stresses of the day and the stories I've heard and the hurting people I have talked with to be home with my wife and kids when I step in the door.

5:10pm Sit in my car a moment and pray

5:15pm Home.

8:00pm Log into facebook and get notified from a teen that another young person I used to work with is in Jail. Never good news.

8:30pm Look through Facebook status lines at the youth I work with and try to map out what my day may look like tomorrow.  Pray for those that look like they are having a rough day.

9:00pm text to make some plans with youth tomorrow - have to break in that Wii after all.

10:00pm Go to bed...Lay awake praying

11:30pm see my message notification light on my phone flashing.  A young person has some questions about life.  Should I respond now or in the morning?

That was my day. In my prayers before I fell asleep I asked God if I had been successful in this day of work.  If I had made a difference.  He respond with: You were faithful.

Thanks for sharing my day with me.  Any idea how I can fit in my administrative stuff?

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