Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teens Describe Their Idea of Perfect Parents

I was walking through the hallway of a local high school when I saw a bulletin board full of postings for parents.  This was obviously part of a class activity.  It interested me to see what the young people would put in a want ad for new parents.  

Some obviously came out of some desire to get attention or to be funny, but as I looked them all over I found some repeated themes.  Here is how I categorized them. 

Want of Money or Stuff
Freedom, Trust or Change of Rules
Time or Travel with Parents
Need of Love
Desired Attitude of Parents

I counted out the responses and put them in a chart.

Now realize that I don't know the context for how these were made I only saw them displayed.  Whatever the case though there were a few lines from the various posters that stuck with me.  I wanted to share them:

I need you to love me internally
I need you to say something to cheer me up
I need you to care for me
I need you to believe me forever
I want you to come to Canada to live with me
I want every Wednesday Night to be a games night
I want to be able to talk with you when I need to
I want a different type of dinner every night (With desserts)
I need you to give unconditional support
I need you to be happy
I need you to still have rules that keep me under control
I want you to let me do what I want (reasonable)
I want you to call me every other day
I want to eat dinner together at least 3 days a week
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