Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ten Drinks Young People Should Not Consume

I was reading an article posted yesterday by TLC on "10 Drinks Your Kids Should Not Be Drinking"  Seeing as we have been talking so much about teenage alcohol consumption I thought I would check out what they said.  Here is there list.

10. Alcohol - Not only is it illegal, but even several sips can be bad for brain development.

Comment:  Click here or here for previous discussions on teenage alcohol indeed

9. Energy Drinks - Can effect sleep patterns and have negative effects on natural energy patterns

Comment: I have witnessed some youth down five or six of these in an hour.  What does that do to the system?

8.Coffee - Canadian health officials have determined kids should not consume more than 45mg of caffeine a day.  Higher levels can cause high blood pressure and heart rate.

Comment: Not all young people like coffee, but they crave a grande frap.  How many mg of caffeine does that frap have? 200?

7. Sweetened Tea - If it is sweetened tea watch the glucose levels go through the roof!

Comment: Who likes unsweetened tea?

6. Soft Drinks - Sugar is soda is liked to obesity and diabeaties

Comment:  Pop is more a staple to most kids than any other liquid

5. Juice - Thought it was a healthy alternative?  Think again.  Most Juices are soft drink in disguise

Comment:  The local schools have tried to become more healthy by only putting in diet pop and juice in the vending machines.  Is it really more healthy?

4. Raw or Soy Milk:  Growth can be negatively affected by soy milk, raw milk contain e-coli etc. 

Comment:  unless you are living on a farm who dirnks raw milk.  Soy on the other hand is perceived to be a better choice - guess not for those still growing.

3. Power Drinks.  Unless your young person is highly athletic the high level of carbs put their diet out of balance.

Comment:  Unless you are athletic the drinks taste disgusting. But after a game nothings tastes so good.  Weird.

2. Flavored Water: The added ingredients may cause added side affects such as kidney problems.

Comment: Again - flavored water tastes like garbage, but that is my own opinion.

1. Milkshakes: Sodium levels in milkshakes and sweatened fruit smoothies are not healthy for anyone.

Comment:  Make your fruit smoothies at home so you know what is in them. 
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