Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This house is your life

I got a phone call from a young person asking me help them get their life back on track. They told me their desire to fix some mistakes. They told me they wanted to reconnect with God. We agreed to meet and my first thought was: "how in the world am I supposed to do that?"

As the time between the phone call and the meeting progressed I felt more and more inadequate for the task. I know from experience that I can't fix anyone. As good as my viewpoint may be there is no way that I can give anyone perfect advice. I don't believe there even is such a thing.

What I definitely cannot do if make people change. I can't force people to live their life using my choices instead of theirs. I've screwed up my own life as it is, I don't want to mess up others lives as well. I know that there is nothing good within me, but of people are asking me for advice they are seeing something in me that they want for themselves. If people believe me or not is up to them but I know the only good thing in me isn't me at all but it is Jesus.

I've been called crazy and ignorant for my beliefs. Ive been spit on and mocked for following, but for me it isn't belief. It is reality. I can't deny it any more than I can deny oxygen. but it was my choice to follow Jesus and anyone I talk to has their own choice about how to live their life.

Most times I just seek to serve others despite of what they choose to believe. I'm not so shallow to require people to agree with me to be my friends. However there are occasions when I am asked for my opinion such as I was here. So then I. Share no holds barred.

but how to share? That is a tricky question. so rather than give a sermon I drew a picture of a house and let this person tell me the condition of the place. I would draw it on. They told me it had a cracked foundation, broken windows, a hole in the roof, cut electrical lines, flooding from a burst pipe, it was filled with garbage. We ended up with a rather dismal picture. I then told them to picture jesus coming and knocking on the front door. What would they do what would they think?

They opened the door and let him in but tried to hide the mess but how can you hide things that are so evident. Jesus sits down with them And shares a meal. They then expect him to leave but he decides to clean things up. Not just a cursory clean but a home make over clean. Yet they had one room in which they put all their worst stuff then locked the door.

They wanted to reconnect with God but that can't be done if were not willing to let him in the darkest rooms. I left them with the picture of the house and the invitation to unlock the door.

Of course i help redecorate but I can't do the remodel. I'm not qualified for that. I have to contract it out.

It is their choice if they are going to go through with the project...

So what's your house look like?
Danny Ferguson
Langley Area Director
Greater Vancouver YFC / Youth Unlimited

I love being married to April

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