Friday, June 4, 2010

God sends a teen some mail.

A young friend of mine was wrestling the the idea of getting baptized.  It is an awesome conversation for me to have with her because when I met her she didn't believe that God existed.  Even if she could have been convinced He wouldn't have been someone that she liked very much.

Then one day she got a pretty serious injury to her back.  She told us about it and how the xrays showed her vertebrae had been chipped.   We asked if we could pray for her and she agreed.  As we prayed someone started saying that when she went in for the follow up appointment that God would heal her and there would be no injury.  I didn't like that very much.  I didn't want to ruin the idea of God forever for this girl if God choses not to answer this prayer exactly as we prayed it.  It made me more concerned that it was my own voice I heard praying it.  Sure enough though she went in and there was no sign of her injury.  God had healed her.

This was some time ago and she has grown a lot when it comes to the idea of God.  So now she is the rebel in her family for going to church.  she felt as though she should get baptized to show how important this really was to her.  We had been talking for weeks about it as she debated the pros and cons of what baptism would mean for her and her relationships.  We talked a lot about it and after one conversation she went home.  She happened to check her mail box and inside was a flyer that said

"Get baptized.  Befriend God"

I live in the same neighborhood and I didn't get any fliers about baptism. Just goes to show that God isn't limited to mystical or spiritualized answers.  Sometimes he may just drop something in the mail. And guess what... She is getting baptized.
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