Friday, June 18, 2010

OPINION: Thoughts about teenage sexuality.

Did you say "SEX"?

I surveyed some people in our community about their views on sex. Here are some of the stats and responses I heard. They are from all walks of life and from a vast age range. Enjoy

"I’m in grade 12 and I have to say, there are much worse things than sex. Why can't we have it without people trying to make us feel guilty? Instead of trying to get people to save themselves for marriage, educate people about it. Inform them about the complexity and issues of a sexually active relationship. Help people make better choices about who to even get in a relationship with. Other then that, sex is 100% natural. Let it happen. when people are ready."

29% of teens say they learned about sex from their parents*

"I’ve lived a long time and I’ve learned that teens/young adults need to be talked to about the intimacy that comes out of a relationship. They need to remain pure until marriage to honor themselves and God."

13% of adults say they learned about sex from their parents*

"As an adult I think faith groups are in a tough spot when it comes to sexuality. I believe that their moral standard is right. However, as adolescence is beginning younger and marriage in our culture is happening later, the years in between are increasingly difficult to navigate sexually. I don't have an easy answer, but I think those years need to be approached honestly and creatively."
85 % of adults believe there is a link between spirituality and sexuality

"I have teenage kids and looking at our faith I don't think we have unrealistic expectations, but I also think that we do not give enough support to our children to help them achieve them. "
74 % of teens believe there is a link between spirituality and sexuality

"I’m in my early 20’s and I’ve noticed that some people treat sex like fast food. The "I want it now" attitude and way of thinking. But understand that every meal is a gift. The experience should be savored and carried out so that you enjoy the meal longer. People who truly enjoy quality understand that you need to be patient to get something that will last and that will taste better and satisfy you longer. Sex is a gift. Treasure it, get creative, but not sadistic. It's about the experience of the two people not just yourself."

9 was the average age teens first found out about sex*

"I may be young but I see that faith groups have generally poor discussions about sex. It is either over emphasized, oppressed, or ignored. I don't see a balance thought in any religious group, just an agenda, but i don't see a balance taught in any group at all, not just religious."

10 was the average age when most adults found out about sex

Add your two bits:
What are your thoughts about teenage sexuality?
Is there a link between sexuality and spirituality?
Where did you learn about sex?
How old were you when you found out about sex?
What are the attitudes of faith groups toward sexuality?
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