Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A poetic look at teen relationships

I wrote this poem as collection of the things I have heard a lot of the young girls tell me and my youth work team about relationships over the years.  I am not ignoring the voice of the boys but I find most of the injustice I face in this work is against these young ladies.  That is particularly hard for me as a father of a daughter of my own.  I wish I could make the world a safer place for her and for all the girls that are wronged, abused, and raped.  
I know that I can't change the things that have happened, but I hope that God can use my wife and I (along with our whole team of qualified youth workers) to help these kids get counseling, peace, forgiveness and a voice and a passion to help others who have been through similar circumstances.
The boys come past
It happens so fast
The first kiss has come at last
And now I stand aghast
Love turned to lust awfully fast
Is it me he likes?
Is this right?
Should I fight? Or  take flight?
Where is that white knight?
The guy who awoken Snow White?

I liked the attention
That came from attraction
But his reaction feels like an infraction
I’d like to take action
But I have no traction

I’ve had it with boys
Who treat girls like toys
I don't enjoy their ploys
Now I’m poised. To make some noise.
Isn’t it my choice?
Isn’t it my voice.?

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