Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RECONNECT: Honest answers from a teen about sex

We interviewed a teenage girl named “Brielle” (Not her real name) from the local area about her perceptions of virginity.  Here are her honest answers.

 Photo by: Maria Rempel
used with permission

What do you think about staying a virgin until marriage?
Brielle: It’s a nice idea, but it never works out. Most kids I know are into drugs or alcohol and once they start partying they’ll have sex as a result.

 A friend says, “I’m a virgin and I plan to save  myself for    marriage” What’s your reaction?
  B: I would probably respect their decision.  They would seem to have more self respect and  think better of themselves.  Kids who are always having sex are just “whores” and it seems that in the group I hang out with we’re always peer pressuring each other to have sex.

Do you regret/have second thoughts about  doing it?
     B:  Sometimes, mainly depending on who I was involved with. When  I’m sober I am more insecure and I don’t usually let it happen.  But when I’m drunk I’m more outgoing and that’s when I usually get involved.

What will you say to “Mr. Right” when the time comes for marriage?
   B:  I’ve never thought about what will happen then, it never occurred to me.  That is something I should think about as it makes sense that it could cause issues.

How would YOU respond to Brielle?  Please share your comments.

The title RECONNECT on this blog entry represents a project my team and I did in our area to self publish a magazine to reconnect youth culture to the rest of culture.  Printing costs have killed us so I will occasionally add this title to my blogs as a way of getting this great content into the hands of the people that would benefit from reading it.

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