Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RECONNECT A woman writes to her past teenage self about sex

This letter was written by a lady in our community. It is a letter written from herself now to herself as a teen.

Hindsight .
If I could go back and talk to myself about sex this is what I would say

Hey girl,
I wish I could tell you how much you are loved. If you knew how much you are loved by God you would not have to go through the relationship hell that lies ahead. You are so special and wonderful! You don’t have to run from God because you think he doesn’t like you or forgive you because of the things you’ve done. You don’t have to sleep with all those men to fill the emptiness inside left by Dad. He didn’t know how much his drinking and distance would hurt you. He didn’t know that you would seek love from nameless, faceless men to make up for the lack of love you got from him. He didn’t know that you would use sex as a way of manipulation. You don’t have to drink or do drugs to be able to face the pain inside. Just because Mom blames you for the choices she made that doesn’t make it truth. You don’t have to feel guilty because you were sexually abused as a kid. It’s okay to really love yourself. Find out what that looks like. Set good boundaries about what is acceptable to you and stick to them. Don’t give away your precious self to anyone you think is cute. Don’t chase them. You never have to compromise yourself to get a guy. It’s okay to be alone. It is healing to forgive. Be courageous and face the pain. Accept the healing that comes from a relationship with the only perfect man you will ever know: Jesus. Get the help you need from those who have been there. Become a whole person, ready to face whatever comes. You cannot change what has happened so let it go. Embrace truth: you are a child of God and you are forgiven . Also remember to embrace what God has for you knowing that it is absolutely the best! Don’t be scared. There is perfect love. He will never leave you or hurt you. Forgive yourself, forgive others, love God and give yourself fully to Him and trust in the promise of a new life.

Love, me

So what do you think? What sort of letter would you write to yourself about the road you have walked?

The title RECONNECT on this blog entry represents a project my team and I did in our area to self publish a magazine to reconnect youth culture to the rest of culture. Printing costs have killed us so I will occasionally add this title to my blogs as a way of getting this great content into the hands of the people that would benefit from reading it.
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