Friday, July 23, 2010

HOW TO: have great youth events without planning or money

Many youthworkers spend a lot of their time trying to think of innovative ways to interact with youth. There are countless websites filled with ideas for event and games that take up a lot of a youth pastor or youth worker's time. Also in terms of working with budgets how much of an average youth budget goes toward events or games? Probably a lot.

I want to challenge you to take the next year in your youth work and not spend a dime on either thing. If you wonder how you are going to do that you have come to the right place.

1. Go for Coffee: Get to know the people in your community that are involved with young people. Most cities have a youth programs run out of their parks and rec's department. Not to mention many community groups that work with teens. Call them up - buy them a coffee and find out what they are doing.

2. Volunteer: Once you find out what is going on in the community go and get involved in it. Not only will you meet new youth, but you wont have to plan any of this stuff which is a big headache removal.

3. Invite others: Have the young people from your church or other circles join you at the event and volunteer along side you. Viola - now you have had a great event and have spent no money, gotten better connected in the community, helped your students learn about volunteering and gotten to know more youth as well as helped serve another organization that has a similar heart.

Moral of the story: stop reinventing the wheel.
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