Thursday, July 15, 2010

UPDATE: A year in pictures from my cell phone

If a picture is worth 1000 words then I hope that these
16 pictures are worth 16,000 words. The truth is there is so
much I would like to tell you but I could never fit it all in a letter like this.

A. A teen tells a crowded room about her dream to change the world. She is going to Africa this summer to make her dream a reality.
B. We took a team of young people to the downtown city streets to inspire them to look out and care for others.
C. This shot is of a prayer time with my staff. We try to visualize out prayers by offering up kids names (on paper) to the alter (the coffee cup).
D. A few of our young people took it upon themselves to organize a coffee shop fundraiser to aid victims of human trafficking in Honduras.
E. We had a prayer night in our home where youth could interact with God—some for the first time. The lighting of candles was a way of offering their requests before God
F. Sitting and doing crossword puzzles with youth has become a staple in our work. As we look for answers to solve the puzzle together conversation about answers in life usually starts to form
G. I represented the USA in our Olympics night—at the end of the night we presented awards to each of the teens for what we saw them victorious in this past year.
H. Here are the shoes of one of our youth. Think what it would be like to walk a mile in those
I. We take regular time out to center ourselves on our true motivations. We are motivated by our faith to love others—not to save them or convert them.
J. One of our young guys is a DJ and he hosted an event to raise awareness of world issues. A fun but loud way to change the world.
K. We make sure to have FUN in our home with the 20 or so kids that come out to dinners and events in our home each week.
L. Here I am holding my daughter one night as she was in pain teething. I prayed more fathers would take time to care and pray for their daughters as many that I work with seem so lost.
M. This is my friend Mike. He is a young guy that is committed to helping us do our work well in Langley. Awesome since he used to be one of the teens we served.
N. We had a super hero dress up night and of my staff Shauna dressed up as another one of my staff Derian. My staff are my heroes. I can’t imagine doing this work without them.
O. This is the key to our new house. Our house is our meeting space with the youth. We feel so blessed to have this place
P. This young lady wrote love on her arms in something like 80 languages. This is part of a movement to help young people get help in the midst of depression, self-injury, and suicide. She also wrote love on my arm.
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