Monday, September 27, 2010

Reality makes me cry

I looked across the table and looked into the eyes of the young person as they recounted a story of unbelievable hurt and pain.  The words spoken are too painful and too powerful to recount in a medium such as this.  These are things that should never have happened. 

As the words came through my ears,
my eyes could see the youth that was robbed of this young person and how they were shriveling into an old soul.
My mind was racing for things to say,
my body clenched in wanting need of action,
my heart screamed the loudest as it said "IINJUSTICE".
my hands formed fists in anger
my tears came.  I could not stop them.  I could not separate myself from the pain of this.  Empathy was not enough and yet, what more could I offer. 

The kicker of it was that the young person looked at me, the tears running down my face and said,

"I'm sorry for making you cry."
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