Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To this teen, family is...

Thanks to my guest blogger Morgan.  She is an amazing writer and has a lot of insight into the world around her.  I hope you enjoy her post.

Family is a funny thing to try and describe in words considering the unique variety that exist in society today. The dictionary defines a family as, “a social unit living together,” or “a group where the adults protect the offspring.” To me the dictionary is missing a lot of the dynamics of a family.
The fifties gave us the picture perfect family, a mother, father and the two little children playing in the picket fenced yard. I don’t know a single family with a picket fence nowadays though so where does that leave us?
The unfortunate reality of the 21st century is that the divorce rate is nearly higher than the success rate of marriage. Broken homes and families are everywhere, but do you need a successful marriage to have a successful family? Do you even need a marriage to have a family?
The traditional family has the married parents and their children, but my family consists of my two best friends, my dad, my step-mum, my nana, my sister, my step-brother and a friend’s parent. An unlikely mix up of the most influential people in my life have become the support system I lean on when things are impossible to handle and they are also the people who celebrate the triumphs and joys of life with me. I look at my family and see hope. I don’t see a broken jumble of misfits, I see everything I will ever need.
A family doesn’t have to live together. A family doesn’t have to share blood. Your family is the group of people you trust with your soul, the people who never leave you alone and the people who make the sunrise beautiful and all those other corny simplicities worth while. A family is whoever you hold in your heart, alive, dead, near, far, related or not. A family is love, simple and pure.
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