Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When birthdays aren't so great

Birthdays are important to people and so as a youth worker I try to be extra conscious to give an appropriate acknowledgment of someones special day.  There are times when that is just a high five, there are other times when the young peoples family have indicated that they don't care enough to throw a party, give gifts, or even be around for their kids.  Those days are filled with sadness for a lot of the teens that I work with.  For instance today there is a young teen out there that shares the same birthday as me and she is living in a new city without her family.  That's hard

Today is my birthday and I have a hard time celebrating when there are so many where their birthdays are, to them, not worth celebrating.  Of course I'm glad their alive and I'm glad to sacrifice my special day to make their day somewhat better.  If you want to make a difference along with me.  Make my birthday an excuse to make a donation toward my work with young people.  I need to raise an additional $29,000 in order to break even this year.  Think of it as a gift to keep someone around these youth that cares enough to acknowledge that the world wouldn't be the same without them around.  Plus it is a tax free birthday gift, how often does that happen?

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