Friday, September 10, 2010

Youth writes: "Dear Mom and Dad..."

This letter is real. It was written by a teen in Langley. She could live next door—or she could live in your home. She is just one, but she speaks the words of so many. While we will keep her identity anonymous we still wish to thank her for her contribution. We ask you, what would your response be to a letter like this?

Dear Mom and Dad,
"Life doesn't always go as planned, and there's 'grown up' things that I won't understand." This is what you tell me when you just don't feel like explaining. But when I'm the one explaining I don't have a choice. You've been there before though right? You've been through everything,. Every single thing that I've been through? When you were my age the problems were as different as the fashions and I guess that's hard to grasp. Every once in a while I need a little space too. A
place to call my own that you won't rifle through. A place where I feel safe to be myself, a place where it's okay to just let go. I love you both with all my heart and I know that you love me too but sometimes protecting someone goes a step too far: at times it's suffocating. I know you think it's what's best for me but I need to make my own mistakes to learn the way to be, sometimes I don't want to listen to your advice on your mistakes. I want them to belong to me. Sometimes the things that happen in life are beyond us; sometimes they're things we can't control. Some- Sometimes your life is hard too. You always let times me know when things are falling apart,
but sometimes I can't fix them for you. Sometimes I can't handle your problems and mine, sometimes I just want to be a kid.

Things happen in my life that I'd love to tell you, but can't because it might scare you or make you angry. I want to talk to you, but there's this wall. My friends and I have been through things you'd never imagine, and will never know about because of our wall. I wish we could break
cause through. I guess all I really mean is that sometimes I need to have the room to grow.
I'm still you're little girl, just not the one you used to know.
Love Me.
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